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absentmindedart's Journal

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ART of the ABSENT MiNDED is a community for all artists. Musicians, writers, cartoonists, painters, composers, designers, poets, playwrights, etc. If you consider your hobby or what you do for a living, art then please join this community.

ART of the ABSENT MiNDED is open to all ages. I encourage people to share their art with the community though it's not required. We are here to discuss our art or to share it. The choice is up to you, the member.


Just a few simple rules for you to follow when posting in ART of the ABSENT MiNDED.

1.No negative, degrating, or hurtful comments on other peoples work. If I find out that you have broken this rule, you will be banned from this community.

2.Should someone choose to post nude photography it must be tasteful. This isn't some kind of porno community. NOT A PORNO COMMUNITY

3.Try to keep from posting overly large files. It'll take forever to load.

4.Should you be posting a couple of pictures please use links for that. Same goes for stories, poems, photos, etc. Please use links.

With this said...Enjoy the community and I look forward to seeing your art.

Thank you.